Planning A Major Bathroom Upgrade


Preparing to do a major upgrade and remodeling of your bathroom can be a far more involved process than one might first think.  It can not only be extra complicated, it can also be far more expensive.  That is why it may be a wise idea to first compile a detailed list of what is needed to get the project done.  This requires a bit of forethought.

A good way to do this is by using the Excel computer spreadsheet component of the Microsoft’s 365 Office program.  You can obtain this, as well as the Microsoft Word and other office programs from the Microsoft Store.  One can get a subscription to the 365 Office package for a 19% discount on the annual rate when you purchase it with a Groupon coupon.  This package includes other financial and bookkeeping tools that can also be used for project development and monitoring.  Used properly, this software can be a great asset that can help you identify not just what needs to be done but also the amount of money it requires and the time the entire job might take.

You first must list all the major tasks you need done.  These can include new floor installation, new bathtub installation, sink, toilet, shower, wall resurfacing, new lighting, and possibly new electrical and plumbing.  Then you should break down each task into its sub-elements.  And then you will have to identify all the materials needed.  Once you’ve done all this you can list a cost for each item.  You also need to identify what parts of the project require licensed specialists, like electrical work, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and other tasks that might call for licensed experts to perform the work.  Once you’ve listed all your material requirements you can tabulate how much they might cost from any hardware or plumbing supplier.  This gives a rough idea of your project’s material costs.  Then any specialist fees must be added to your list.

Once you’ve completed this effort your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will show the amount of work you want to do and give you an idea of what it might cost.  You can then see if you can achieve any savings by using Groupon coupons to purchase materials or hire specialists for the project.  And you can feel confident that you’ve carefully evaluated your options before plunging ahead.

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