How Traditional Heated Towel Rails can add character to your bathroom

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The bathroom is an important room in any house. Without one, you would be pretty lost at the time of washing and preparing. So, it can be good to have a bathroom that is cozy and welcoming. In addition to decorating your bathroom and installing a large bathtub as well as shower, you can also use heated towel rails to provide your bathroom that special touch of class. Read on to learn some of the benefits of the traditional heated towel rails.

  1. They Offer Comfort and Luxury

If you have ever stepped out of the tub or shower in the middle of a cold winter day, then you will know how horrible it can feel. The cold air that hits your body may be enough to take your breath away, and let’s be honest; bathrooms are not just the warmest or most comfortable areas of your home.

However, the bathroom towel radiators provide the perfect solution because of the simple fact that they are heated. Not only will they help add a little heat to your bathroom, but they will also heat your towels. When you leave that bathroom, you can get directly into a warm and pleasant towel. Much better!

  1. They Can Double up like a Towel Radiator

If your bathroom does not have enough heating, then you will benefit from a heated towel rail. Not only are they excellent for keeping your towels warm. The extra heat they emit can make them a great radiator for your bathroom as well. They work best as radiators in smaller bathrooms; however, if you have a larger bathroom that already has a bathroom radiator, then you can purposefully place your towel rack to provide it more heat.

  1. They Adapt to Any Bathroom

The heated towel rails, like bathrooms, come in a lot of shapes and sizes. This means that, regardless of the shape or size of your bathroom, you can find one that matches. If you have many towels, you can even purchase several smaller towel rails and use them to heat up the full of your bathroom in addition to your towels.

  1. They Look the Part

The bathroom towel radiators can make toilets look obsolete as well as a little flat. With lots of people who now have modern design bathrooms, a standard towel radiator can protrude like a sore thumb and remove the entire design. To overcome this designed nightmare, you can take salvation in heated towel rails. In general, they come in chrome or stainless steel finishes and their appearance makes them an elegant feature to add to any bathroom.


So, those are four of the benefits of traditional heated towel rails. It is very important to have a fit plumber to consult before installing the heated towel rails. The plumber will cautiously inspect your home and can advise you on the best option to place the heated towel rail in the home. See how:

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